Who we are...

This is the landing page of Held Hostile. A World of WarCraft guild started in 2005. We currently play on Neptulon (EU) in Retail and Gehennas (EU PVP) in Classic. If you are interested in joining, find us at our Forums.


We have moved to Bloodfang, please find an Officer or Veteran to get your invite. New players, please visit our forum or message DeAurion ingame.

We are considering moving to Bloodfang, since Gehennas queues are horrible.


Held Hostile was created by the merger of Held High and Hostile Foragers back in 2005. It has mainly consisted of Swedish and Bulgarian players with a welcome sprinkling of other nationalities. In Vanilla we cleared upto and most of Naxxramas (bribing TDE with frost runes to help with the final Atiesh piece). We did suspend organized raiding after WOTLK and has only run ad-hoc raids in later expansions, still clearing contents like Blackrock Foundry etc.